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Welcome to the Random Laughter Wiki

Hello. This is the Random Laughter wiki. Here we make the most random, stupidest stories. From your idea to a movie, or a book, or just a story from your lifetime. Here is an example: Name: The day the taco made milk. Story: Once upon a time, a taco made milk from his hair. It came from a hobo. The end! Just basically write anything you want, as long as you think it's funny. The stories you make have to be funny and random. Make sure they are really stupid. This wiki is close to the Troll pasta wiki. Make it funny! The ratings are for how funny it is! If you're bored, think of a story and think "wow, that was really stupid" then write it down and upload it here.

The owners of Random Laughter: Block Web - Builder, Creator.    FrozenFire2 - Helper, builder, and first user/admin  of the wiki



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