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breaking the rules is not okay!

Welcome to the rules of this wiki.

Rule 1: No spamming in chat

Rule 2: No strong cursing in chat

Rule 3: Racial slurs will not acceptable in this wiki.

Rule 4: Can not ask the age or address of another person.

Rule 5: Can not EVER argue to an admin or moderator.

Rule 6: Can not say that you are an admin or moderator when you are not.

Rule 7: Can not steal other people's content as of: Articles or pages from profile.

Rule 8: If Article or page is similar to others, it will be deleted.

Rule 9: Can not ever harrass somebody based on gender or sexuality (harrassment at all isn't the best idea, guys)

Rule 10: Deleting, or putting your own content inside someone else's edit with become into a week ban, if happened again month ban, and again, year ban.